Pam Atwood

Utah - SOLO Agent

(801) 829-3881


I am a SOLO agent in Morgan, Utah and have been in the travel business as an independent contractor since 1996, most of that with Morris Murdock Travel. When I started my travel business, I was teaching full time at Morgan High School (business) and worked on travel in the evenings and on weekends. When it became too much, I retired from teaching, knowing I wanted to continue with my travel business.

I love to travel and generally go where it’s warm, sunny, and sandy. If I have the ocean and the beach, I’m happy. I also enjoy reading and spending time with my sons and grandkids.

The two locations that I sell the most are Mexico and Hawaii. I’ve visited both places numerous times and can recommend hotels/resorts as well as activities to my clients. I also sell a lot of Disneyland, and enjoy sending families there. I always feel like I’m going along on the vacation with my clients after spending the time planning with them. I love being an independent contractor because it allows me to work on travel any time that my clients need me.